Low Cost Interlock Lancaster & York

Low Cost Interlock York and Lancaster PA


Low Cost Interlock units only require you to submit a simple, 3-second exhale breath sample, which is less frustrating and more sanitary than other, older, models that our competitors use that require complicated breath patterns (blow/hum, blow/suck/blow, etc.). We also come disguised as a soda can minimizing the issues with the public.


With the all-inclusive pricing strategy, you will never find a hidden fee or a cheaper quality Interlock solution. And the Silverback Team will be able to provide you with same-day delivery of your unit in most cases.


Low Cost Interlock devices have the fastest warm-up time on the market ensuring you can provide a breath sample almost immediately under any weather conditions. Also with our patented calibration system, this state requirement only takes approximately 5 minutes – a sixth of the overall time of other devices on average.

Most Sanitary Interlock

All devices are thoroughly cleaned and tested prior to distributor delivery. The devices never go from client-to-client thus eliminating unsanitary devices. Also, with the straight-blow technology, you will never have to inhale what others previously blew into the device like other, older devices out there.

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